Dr Michael Coroneos CIME Adjunct A/ Professor Senior Neurosurgeon. MASE FAIM FACS FRCSI FRACS FRCS(EDIN)SN MB BS(1st Class Honours) MAPS MNSQ

Dr Michael Coroneos CIME Senior Neurosurgeon / Adjunct Assistant Professor.

CIME MASE FAIM FACS FRACS FRCSI FRCS(EDIN)SN is a senior, widely trained& skilled Brisbane Neurosurgeon. Practises objective & evidence-based specialist neurosurgical advice & surgical treatment in Brisbane. Dr Michael Coroneos obtained MB BS (1st Class Honours) 1980 UQ; Neurosurgery (FRACS) 1988, Surgical Neurology (FRCS(EDIN)SN)1989, FACS 2012& FRCSI 2013 & Surgical Educator Membership Academy of Surgical Educators (MASE). He is FAIM.

Chairman Sunnybank Private Hospital Medical Board.

He holds 5 Fellowships: FAIM FACS, FRACS , FRCSI & FRCS(EDIN)SN.

He is a RACS Examiner & RACS Mortality Assessor & Member NSA &NSQ.

Accredited PI Assessor:(i) WorkCover Queensland ,(ii)G.E.P.I ,(iii)CIME with ABIME, (iv) Comcare Australia &(v) WorkCover N.S.W.

Adjunct Assistant Professor .

National Examiner RACS Examinations, Medical Students & Senior Mortality Assessor RACS-QASM.


Dr Michael Coroneos Honorary Adjunct Assistant Professor/ Senior Brisbane Neurosurgeon News

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