Dr Michael Coroneos Master CIME & Senior Neurosurgeon FRACS FACS(USA) FRCS(IRE) FRCS(EDIN)SN FRCS(ENG) FRCS(Glasg) FWAMS MB BS(1st Class Hons)

Dr Michael Coroneos Master CIME , Academy Professor of Neurosurgery & Senior Neurosurgeon

To make appointments please call :MONDAY -THURSDAY :Main Office: Silverton Place, Suite 73,101 Wickham Terrace( Brisbane City) : Monday -Thursday Tel 07-38319511 and

FRIDAY :Sunnybank Private Hospital Consulting Suites, Level 1, 245 McCullough Street, Sunnybank,4109 Tel 07-33441440 .

Consults : Brisbane City (Spring Hill), Sunnybank Private Hospital consulting suites and Sydney ( Medicins Legale and MLO).

Booking details: Monday to Thursday please call 07-38319511 and on Friday please call 07-33441440

Dr Coroneos consults BOTH in the city at Silverton Place, Suite 73, 101 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane AND in the new Sunnybank Private Hospital Consulting suites ( Level 1, new street facing building with lots of close and free parking!) up the ramp at 245 McCullough Street, Sunnybank ( across from McDonalds) AND Sydney ( Medicins Legale and MLO)

MCIME FACS(USA) FRACS(AUS) FRCS(IRE) FRCS(EDIN)SN FRCS(ENG) FRCS(Glasg) FWAMS MB BS(1st Class Honours) MAPS MNSA MNSQ is a senior, widely trained& skilled Brisbane Neurosurgeon. Practises objective & evidence-based specialist neurosurgical advice & surgical treatment in Brisbane. Dr Michael Coroneos obtained MB BS (1st Class Honours) 1980 UQ; Neurosurgery (FRACS) 1988, FRCS(EDIN)SN)1989, FACS (USA), FRCS(IRE), FRCS(ENG), FRCS(Glasg), FWAMS , Master CIME(AMA 4,5 and 6) from ABIME(TM).Clinical RACS Examiner. MASE(RACS).

Honorary Adjunct Associate Professor.

Academy Professor of Neurosurgery, World Academy of Medical Sciences.

Memberships & Activities

Membership Academy of Surgical Educators (RACS), Asset Instructor RACS Member NSA , Member NSQ, MAPS and Master CIME (Certified Independent Medical Examiner from ABIME- TM)-AMA 4,5 and 6.

Fellow and Member WAMS( World Academy Medical Sciences)

Academy Professor of Neurosurgery, World Academy of Medical Sciences.

Member and National Chairman of WAMS International Board of Neurosurgery

Chairman WAMS International Education and Training Board(ETB)

Clinical Examiner RACS Pre- SET Clinical Trainee National Centralised Examinations

Senior MAC Member and former Chairman Sunnybank Private Hospital MAC

6 SurgicalFellowships: FACS(USA), FRCS(ENG), FRACS(AUS) , FRCS(IRE), FRCS(EDIN)SN & FRCS(Glasg) and Fellowship World Academy Medical Sciences(WAMS)-World Chairman of Training.

Accredited Panel Member:

(i) GEPI Assessor WorkCover Qld Panel Member,

(ii)WorkCover NSW - SIRA NSW Authorised Practitioner PI Assessor Panel,

(iii) Authorised Health Practitioner:Motor Accident Authority NSW -Motor Accident InjuryAct 2017,

(iv) Comcare 2-1 PI assessor (2012 & 2017 examinations)

(v) Workcover WA Approved Medical Specialist

(vi) Dispute Resolution Service Decision Maker Motor Accident Authority NSW

Comcare & Master CIME (AMA 4, 5 and 6) by ABIME (by Exam).

Honorary Adjunct Associate Professor.

Academy Professor of Neurosurgery 2018.

7 Fellowships.

Member Australian Pain Society.

Certificate of Membership of Academy of Surgical Educators RACS (2013)

Chairman Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) to 2018, Senior Member Medical Advisory Committee ( MAC) current and Senior Member Patient Care /Credentialing Committees (current).

RACS Clinical Examiner trainee pre-specialty for centralised exams.

Fellow and Member World Academy of Medical Sciences(WAMS), Chairman WAMS Education and Training Board, Member WAMS International Scientific Committee,Member of WAMS International Board of Neurosurgery.Academy Professor of Neurosurgery 2018 World Academy of Medical Sciences, WAMS 6/9/2018

Senior Neurosurgeon (RACS )

Qualifications / Memberships: MCIME FACS FRCS(IRE) FRACS (AUS) FRCS (EDIN) SN FRCS(ENG) FRCS(Glasg) FWAMS MB BS (1st Class Honours) MAPS MNSA MNSQ .

Master CIME ( AMA 4 , 5 and 6 )- all by examination and all current (ABIME)

RACS 2018 CPD verified by RACS in 2018.

Honorary Adjunct Associate Professor .

Academy Professor of Neurosurgery, World Academy of Medical Sciences.

Qualifications & Memberships: MCIME(AMA 4,5 and 6) , FACS(USA), FRCS(IRE), FRACS (AUS) , FRCS (EDIN) SN, FRCS(ENG), FRCS(Glasg), FWAMS, MB BS(1st Class Honours,1980)

Member Academy Surgical Educators (MASE) ,RACS Asset Instructor RACS ,Clinical Examiner trainees RACS ,MAPS, MNSA, MNSQ .

Dr Michael Coroneos : Senior Brisbane Neurosurgeon : News

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