• Prescription and OTC opiate analgesia deaths continue -immediate action required.

    11 October at 09:49 from atlas

    We have started with Hillbilly heroin(OxyContin),which was crushed and injected(as per article) ,now preparation changed to prevent this TO Durogesic patches('Sticky bits') TO OTC opiates non-medically prescribed,and monitored (paracetamol and codeine mg equivalent MORPHINE).The addiction in the latter leads to paracetamol toxicity(>8 tabs to get 12 mg morphine equivalent) can,and does cause liver failure.Please see my previous posts over the years. Sudden cessation can cause withdrawal.There are guidelines on opiate use including strict care plans in the various State Health department websites.Opiates are advised to be gradually tapered in accordance with State Health published guidelines.

    Please refer to the link ,and many others below:


    Dr Michael Coroneos

    Senior Neurosurgeon.

    Patients are advised to seek and follow advice of their treating doctor.