• Accidental overdosage death in injured workers due to opiates ; more warnings.

    5 July at 21:22 from atlas

    Death due to accidental overdosage from prescribed opiates,benzodiazepines and other mood altering drugs EXCEEDS the deaths from illicit HEROIN and COCAINE combined. yet, we see injured workers on high doses of multiple S8 and S4 drugs with benzodiazepines and mood altering drugs for non-malignant and non-septic back and neck pain. I have published posts on this and this has been brought up in Queensland parliament. Yet the inappropriate prescribing and horrors of dependence,addiction,withdrawal ..and accidental O/D and deaths continue .These practices in injured workers ,with or without surgery/ies is  left to the GP. This is also of concern . The surgeon must take charge and not leave these high risk drugs to the GP. GPs should consult Drugs of  dependence Consultants and follow Medical Board and State Health Department  Guidelines IMPLICITLY. I have posted these as well as the evidence of the risks.

    Now, there are US legal decisions. We have regular warnings and comments by Coroners. These are sadly too late.


    Dr Michael Coroneos. Senior Brisbane Neurosurgeon.


    Advice is general and academic. All patients should seek advice of their treating medical practitioner at all times.